Home of the Brave | Rustic Charred Wood Flags Made in Illinois, USA

home of the free because of the brave flag, charred wood flag, custom made in USA flag

Every charred wood flag from Charred Chisel is handmade in Illinois, USA. This small group of custom rustic wood American flag makers is made up of a team of brothers who love God, love America, and love sharing their unique skills and showing their patriotism.

We have hundreds of handcrafted wood flags and plaques available for purchase in our online store right now, and with our ability to custom-make almost any design, the possibilities for your next custom charred wood flag are endless.

From Farmer flags (we have many of them!) and Home of the Free Because of the Brave charred wood flags to Military flags and rustic Betsy Ross flags, there is no end to the charred wood flag designs we can make.

Feel free to contact us now if you have any questions or take a look at our many flag collections!

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